Protest outside Bluedowns court. Melvin Volk appeared at the Blue Downs Magistrate Court for the Orderick Lucas case,The matter was postponed to May 7. Picture: Ayanda Ndamane/African news Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - Supporters of 22-month-old Orderick Lucas’s alleged kidnapper broke into song and chants outside the Blue Downs Magistrate's Court, calling for his release.

Melvin Volkwyn was arrested for the alleged kidnapping of Orderick, over a week ago. He appeared in a packed courtroom dressed in an orange unzipped track-top with black T-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans. The case was postponed to May 7 for bail.

Orderick went missing on March 24, his body was found eight days later in a drain in Melton Rose in Kleinvlei.

According to his mother, Davideen Lucas, 28, she had left the toddler in the care of Volkwyn. She said when she returned for the child, Volkwyn said he had handed Orderick back to her.

Outside court, Jonathan Alexander, who was called in for questioning together with Volkwyn, but was released soon after, said his friend was innocent and Lucas knew what had happened to her child.

“I feel hurt because my friend is in jail for something he didn't do. She (Davideen) is guilty. They must just free my sister (referring to Volkwyn).

“She is an addict and didn't care for that child. She would dump the child with Melvin for hours without food.

"Just last Sunday she was smoking tik,” said Alexander.

Jonathan Alexander, a friend of Melvin Volkwyn who is accused of kidnapping baby Orderick Lucas, speaks outside court. Video: Zodidi Dano/Cape Argus

Volkwyn’s neighbour, Miriam Brown, said: “Melvin grew up in front of me, he lived in my house for four years where he looked after my daughter and not once did my daughter ever complain about him. Instead he took good care of my child.

“Melvin will never do such a thing to a child we believe the mom is to blame.” Volkwyn’s supporters accused Lucas of negligence.

Lucas’s mother, Cornelia Scheepers, said she did not care about Volkwyn’s supporters and their rants outside court.

“I feel okay. I can't hate him but there are lots of questions that I have for Melvin.” She said her daughter was not taking the death of her son well.

“I was with her a few days after the body was found and there were times when she would just scream and cry.

"However, every day gets better.”

Lucas said she was never going to attend court due to the chaos caused by Volkwyn’s supporters.

“I don't want to come to court anymore because I see that this will end in a fight."

Orderick Lucas’ mother Davedine Lucas and grandmother Cornelia Schippers outside Bluedowns court. Melvin Volk appeared at the Blue Downs Magistrate Court for the Orderick Lucas case. Picture: Ayanda Ndamane/African news Agency (ANA)

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