‘BEYOND RACE AND CLASS’: Manenberg community worker Roegshanda Pascoe has put her trauma into words in the book ‘Disrupting Denial’. Picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency/ANA.
Cape Town - Community worker Roegshanda Pascoe from Manenberg said she was very proud about writing a chapter in a book about trauma.

In it she talks about the trauma she experienced in her life.

The book is called: 'Disrupting Denial'. It has been written and compiled by Dr Sarah Molatane-Henkeman who is a trans-disciplinary scholar. In the book, women who have been affected by trauma talk about their experiences.

Pascoe explained: “After writing the chapter in the book, I realised the deep trauma I have gone through. I have gone through traumatic experiences in my life.

“At the tender age of only 15 years I had to go and work in a factory. Later I got married and was also abused mentally and physically by my husband. This kind of violence had an effect on me.

“We later got divorced but I had children that I had to take care of. As a single mother, bringing up children in Manenberg is not easy. It was not an easy life. During the years I also had other traumatic experiences which affected me.

“This book made me realise the deep trauma I experienced due the abuse and violence. And that trauma goes beyond race and class,” she said.

She said that today many more women were still being abused by their husbands and partners and that many still did not report it to the police.

“I think this is the reason why I have such a big heart to help other people.

“I have committed my life to my communities. This kind of work is not for everyone because you make a lot of sacrifices and your heart has to be in the right place,” she said.


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