Workshops held with Bishop Lavis police to improve service delivery to the community

Cape Town: Filed picture of Bishop Lavis Police Station.

Cape Town: Filed picture of Bishop Lavis Police Station.

Published Jan 3, 2022


Cape Town - Following concerns raised last month by the Bishop Lavis Community Police Forum on the police stations’ poor service delivery, Nicro (SA National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders) has responded by facilitating workshops with police officials from the two stations.

The workshops are focusing on service rendering and improving service delivery.

Last month the CPF, in dismay over the services received by the residents, strongly criticised the Bishop Lavis police station and the Bonteheuwel community service centre.

It said there were constant complaints from residents allegedly being told they cannot open cases if they didn't know the perpetrators, while residents were made to wait for more than an hour when shifts changed and had to endure rude police officers.

The CPF said there had also been complaints of people being sent from Bonteheuwel satellite station to Bishop Lavis police station, with the closure of cases rendered as undetected without any investigation.

Nicro social worker Dori-Anne Erasmus said the aim of the workshop was to offer support to the police officials in providing efficient and reliable services to the communities as per legal requirements and regulations.

“We want them to be committed in their approach to fighting crime, have empathy and provide a victim-offender friendly service that will perpetuate reduced levels of crime while promoting and providing a service without bias, prejudice, and discrimination.”

She said as an organisation, NICRO is committed to creating safer communities and that they want to engage and support all stakeholders, with the safety and well-being of community members in mind.

Erasmus said their target group for these specific workshops was the crime service unit and the detectives with sessions focusing on education on GBV and domestic violence as well as victimisation and the importance of service delivery.

“We would like to thank the SAPS in Bonteheuwel for engaging us so we can support them in dealing with issues like GBV.

“Working together, empowering one another as role players at a grassroots level, is a key factor in the broader crime prevention initiatives in our communities.

“NICRO is grateful for the opportunity to support the men and women at the frontline of the fight against crime, as we work to make South Africa safe.” she said.

Police spokesperson Frederick van Wyk encouraged residents of the precinct to report inappropriate behaviour or unsatisfactory service delivery to Bishop Lavis police management.

He said Bishop Lavis management expected members to deliver service of a high standard.