Cape Town International Airport Aerial. Picture: City of Cape Town.
Renaming Cape Town International Airport is going to cause many people angst, as they will all want their choice of name.

But there are problems which might be at the risk of losing many international tourists, which would not be helpful for the economy of the city and the Western Cape.

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I will make my point with a letter that I read last week from a supporter of two Khoisan names. Both were relatively complicated and tongue-twisters. I had not come across them, and the letter writer did not offer information.

Our international airport is one of considerable status, well known across the world. One will generally find that international airports are named after deceased individuals of considerable status and achievements, with names that are readily pronounceable and with not too many syllables.

One such name would be Nelson Mandela, but in mentioning his name this is not necessarily my preferred choice, as I don’t know whose names have been, or are going to be, nominated.

The name must be one which is recognisable and not impossible to pronounce.

As well as celebrating someone of special high achievements.

* Mike Thurgood, Milnerton.

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