"When it comes to my court cases against the DA, these are being paid for out of my own pocket," said Mayor Patricia De Lille. Picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency/ANA
In response to Brian Joss in his letter, (“De Lille should pay if she wins, loses case”, Cape Argus, June 27).

Mr Joss, firstly by me stating the facts and clearing up your inaccurate statement in your previous letter in February is not me coming down on you like a ton of bricks. I merely gave the facts.

You also did not “suggest” that I may use ratepayers money for my court case against the DA, you stated it as if it were a fact.

You are confusing matters, so allow me to clear it up for you.

When it comes to my court cases against the DA, these are being paid for out of my own pocket. I have invested my own money to clear my name and protect my integrity, and in all cases up until Wednesday’s judgment, the court has ordered the DA to pay my costs.

The article you are referring to in your letter in the Cape Argus, “Mayor to foot legal bill if guilty”, relates to city investigations, not DA matters.

When it comes to my DA matters, let me be clear once again, any remaining court cases against the DA will be paid for (by) myself.

In terms of the city investigations, which the Argus June 21 article referred to, the issue of my legal costs for city investigations was requested based on the legal systems that I am entitled to in terms of the Structures Act. If I am found guilty then I will pay the legal costs.

It is not uncommon for the city to pay legal costs for city-related matters. This is done in terms of a provision in law. There were cases with two other councillors where the speaker agreed that the city could cover the legal costs.

When it comes to taking the DA to court, I can assure you, as I have done before, that I am paying for it.

* Patricia De Lille, Cape Town mayor.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Newspapers.

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