ON THE JOB: Anti-Gang Unit on the Cape Flats
The police's much-talked-about Anti-Gang Unit was launched in Hanover Park on Friday.

The event included the parading of 50 vehicles that the unit's members will use during their work.

For communities ravaged by senseless gang wars and the loss of countless innocent lives, the unit's deployment could not come soon enough.

Mayco member for safety and security JP Smith condemned the unit as too little too late, but we challenge him to leave his home in the suburbs and to go live in a gang-infested township for a month. Bonteheuwel, Lavender Hill, Manenberg, Elsies River or Parkwood - the choice is yours, Mr Smith.

Residents bearing the brunt of the massacre by gangs will accept any intervention any time. They have become truly fed up with living in fear. That said, while the police's job of rooting out the scourge of gangsterism is now boosted by the Anti-Gang Unit, residents are urged to support the police. This can be a daunting proposition for those who have a family member involved in a gang. It takes a huge amount of courage for a parent to report their own child to the police. Same for a neighbour.

Given the ruthlessness of gangsters, these residents need all the help they can get. We often hear about witnesses being targeted, but this battle must be won. Difficult as it is, we must do this for the greater good. The alternative is too ghastly to comprehend. Peace.

* Aziz Hartley, Cape Argus editor.

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