Races joining hands is the only way to go

Cometh Dube writes that races joining hands is the only way to go. PICTURE: MARK WESSELS.

Cometh Dube writes that races joining hands is the only way to go. PICTURE: MARK WESSELS.

Published Mar 16, 2024


How I wish more citizens called a spade a spade in this country, like Harry Sewlall. In Independent Media on March 8, he obviously did not care whether he was labelled a racist for his comments, and he is to be applauded for that because, unless we call a spade a spade, nothing will ever be corrected in the country.

It is not easy to answer the question he poses as to whether black governments are unfit to rule: our government, like others in the continent, is fast failing.

They all pursue the same illogical ideology even if it has failed all other liberation movements in countries that gained independence decades ago. Take for instance the National Health Insurance.

Despite all the arguments raised cautioning the government against the project without first solving all the problem areas that need to be fixed, they ignore every sensible fact and are determined to go ahead and push the country over the cliff.

Their anger and resentment of their past under colonialism and apartheid tend to cloud their judgement; failed anger management has been their downfall.

As Harry Sewlall rightly points out, he has worked with many black academics, and has known many black artisans who are just as capable as any other race to do a perfect job.

We must all recognise that no race can do anything successfully without the help of other races. Uncontrolled anger and unwarranted vengeance have destroyed all black governments. It is time to reconsider our attitudes toward race relations and work together for a successful, progressive South Africa.

It doesn’t help to keep on moaning that after 30 years of democracy, the economy is still in the hands of whites. No miracle will change that, it is our collective responsibility as citizens to change that. Once we adopt that attitude we will be surprised to discover that what we failed to do in the past 30 years is easy to achieve in a few.

* Cometh Dube-Makholwa, Midrand.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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