Cameron Wilson in the Western Cape High Court, where he was found guilty yesterday of multiple charges, including murder. Picture: Noor Slamdien
Cape Town - Apart from being diagnosed as a psychopath, a clinical psychologist has classified 20-year-old Cameron Wilson as a serial killer.

On Tuesday, Hayden Knibbs testified in pre-sentencing proceedings that he considers Wilson a serial murderer considering the index of his conviction, which includes five murders, rape, three attempted murders and assault.

“The crimes for which the accused was convicted were unprovoked. The crimes seem to be about control over others, a sadistic desire to harm others and possible need to impress, sometimes forcing others to become reluctant participants for fear of their own safety.

“The accused appears to display a narcissistic sense of self-entitlement that when bruised acts in a murderous way.”

He said a number of serial killers re-offended when released on bail or parole and it was generally accepted that serial killers could not be rehabilitated.

“In this matter, the accused committed one of the murders in his series while on bail for a murder charge.

“Furthermore, the accused displayed a failure to accept responsibility, lack of empathy, lack of remorse and an exaggerated self-esteem, coupled with early behavioural problems, poor behavioural control and criminal versatility.”

Knibbs said all indicated a psychopathic personality, which could increase the risk of re-offending. He said the age of first offence, in Wilson’s case 17, and his age when released, he is likely he is to re-offend.

Other aspects such as lack of remorse, Wilson’s membership in the 28s prison gang, and the mix in offences all increased the risk of re-offending.

“The accused poses, and will continue to pose, a high level risk and a real threat to individuals within society of a similar victimology to those in current offences. The most concerning risk factor is the psychopathic personality,” Knibbs said.

To support his evidence, Knibbs referenced at least four local case studies where serial killers released re-offended.

Defence Advocate Mohammed Sibda asked whether Wilson’s father, Abraham Wilson, who has a pending triple murder case against him, may have had a role in the forming the accused’s personality.

The psychologist responded saying the cause of Wilson’s psychopathic personality could have a number of factors. He said it was unknown whether his father’s influence could have been one of the triggers.

Judge Chantel Fortuin has postponed heads of argument until August 21. 

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