Brickhado’s Arcade video gaming competition draws 6 players from CT Spurs

Recreation ZAR with youths playing board games.

Recreation ZAR with youths playing board games.

Published Apr 16, 2024


Cape Town - In a vibrant display of gaming prowess and community engagement, Birchado’s Arcade in Langa recently hosted the EA Sports FC 24 tournament, attended by over 200 spectators.

The video console gaming competition featured six players from Cape Town Spurs including Captain Chumani Butsaka, showcasing the burgeoning online gaming community in the township.

The success of the event not only highlighted the passion for gaming, but also underscored the impact of local entrepreneurs like Qhamani Xameni, founder of Birchado’s Arcade, in creating opportunities and fostering community engagement.

The winner of the video console gaming competition claimed the grand prize of R1 000.

The event also featured a thrilling three-a-side soccer tournament, with The Bookies FC emerging as the victors, and board games for the youth.

Organisations like Recreation ZAR and Ilanga Elihle Youth Project contributed to the event's success.

Recreation ZAR provided recreational game events and board games, enriching the gaming experience for participants and spectators alike.

Ilanga Elihle Youth Project, an arts and culture NGO, added a touch of creativity with a captivating dance performance during the tournament's half-time break.

Xameni said: "We started back in 2019 but officially in 2020, we wanted to accommodate and serve the gaming community. It has responded positively because it is one of the unique initiatives in Langa township. I'm hoping to see more new faces and more success. We just want to show our community what gaming can bring about within the community as a whole."

He also highlighted the importance of collaboration and vision for young entrepreneurs, encouraging them to start and pursue their dreams with determination.

TooMuchWifi was the main sponsor for the event. Its community and brand activations manager, Mzukisi Mpingose, said: "When we heard of the story of the young man from Langa who started his own business to help feed his family, it was a no-brainer for us to come and assist in any way we can."

Mpingose emphasized the potential impact of Birchado’s Arcade on the local gaming industry, saying: "Gaming is constantly growing in South Africa, and Birchado’s Arcade could be the go-to place for people of eKasi to enter international games and make a living from gaming."

He hinted at future collaborations between TooMuchWifi and Birchado’s Arcade, underscoring their commitment to supporting positive initiatives and entrepreneurship in the area.

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