IMPRESSED: Twenty Skeight (PTY) LTD crew member doing his thing in Joburg.
IMPRESSED: Twenty Skeight (PTY) LTD crew member doing his thing in Joburg.
Cape Town - A Cape Flats skateboarding crew are on a roll after coming out tops at a national competition held in Johannesburg last month.

Twenty Skeight (PTY) LTD aka 20Sk8, a crew consisting of 25 members from all over Cape Town, reigned supreme at the annual Red Bull”‘Dala the City” competition, as five of their best members took on seven other top teams from around the country.

Most of the crews from Johannesburg thought they had what it takes to be crowned the skateboard kings, but in the end Cape Town brought home the gold.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 20Sk8, Shuaib Philander, 29, from Kensington says their hard work paid off.


“Our club was established 14 years ago and we have grown sufficiently. We attended the competition which took place on Sunday, 29 July,” he says.

“It was great as it was in the Johannesburg Central Business District (CBD). There was a great turnout and the skateboarding ramps were amazing.”

PRO: Campaign to make skateboarding a sport in SA. Picture: TYRONE BRADLEY/RED BULL CONTENT POOL.
RESPECT: The crew battled teams around SA

Each team, with two members at a time, faced six obstacle courses where they had to show what they're made of and were awarded points on their technique and creativity.

It was a close call as 20Sk8 was neck and neck with the Skate Society Soweto (SSS) crew, but they won the hearts and respect of the judges and took first prize, winning the skateboard trophy and, of course, bragging rights.


However, Shuaib says as a crew they are now trying to get skateboarding registered as an official sport in South Africa, with the aim of representing the country at the 2020 Olympics.

“As a professional skateboard club of 25 skateboarders representing 20 communities in Cape Town, we want to get skateboarding registered as an official sport here, as skateboarding is going to the Olympics in 2020,” he says.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: The 20SK8 crew brought the gold home
AMBITIONS: 20Sk8 CEO Shuaib Philander

“By doing this, we hope it will spill over to other provinces and by 2020 we could have an Olympic team with the best of the best in the country.”

He says skateboarding has become very popular as the City is building more public ramp parks.

“Skateboarding is growing in more poverty-stricken areas because of the creative outlet it has for children,” Shuaib adds.

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