Bath, England - The university students of Team Bath may have failed their latest FA Cup examination when they lost 4-2 to second division Mansfield Town in the first round on Saturday but their fans were nevertheless happy with the battling performance.

Despite the result, the team made history by being the first university side to reach the first round of the competition since Oxford in 1880.

Throngs of students braved the rain to witness the game, waving banners.

The 5 469 attendance was a record for the university and comparable to the numbers who see Mansfield play every week.

Team Bath were keen to play the game on the university campus, rather than at another football ground such as Bath City, and installed 5 600 temporary seats for the occasion.

While the team hope to enter the FA Cup again next year, for now they will have to get their feet back on the ground and concentrate on the Screwfix Direct Western League Premier division. - Reuters