Aubrey Poo joins ‘Generations: The Legacy’ 23 years after he was rejected for another role

Aubrey Poo. Picture: Instagram

Aubrey Poo. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 25, 2023


Award-winning actor Aubrey Poo’s first professional audition in the industry back in 2000 was for a role on “Generations”, but he was rejected.

Now 23 years later, he is set to make his debut on the same show as a principal cast member.

Come mid-September Poo will enter as Khumo Moroka, a high-powered scion, in a storyline that will leave viewers at the edge of their seats.

Having starred in numerous TV productions like “Muvhango”, “The Estate” and “Ingoma”, as well as major theatre productions, Poo brings with him a wealth of experience.

His character, Khumo, is related to Karabo Moroka, played by Connie Ferguson, who will also reprise her role along with another fan favourite, Tau Mogale played by Rapulana Seiphemo.

We can already see the fireworks these three characters will bring.

Khumo enters as CEO of Moraka Mines and gets straight to business as he experiences challenges at the mines.

“There seems to be illegal operations around the mines and this is all happening under Khumo’s watch.

“So the question becomes, ‘Are you complicit to this or are you unravelling because you can’t take care of the situation?’ He feels begrudged that he is undermined and was left to keep the mine operational without help, while others went on to live glamorous lives in Joburg,” said Poo about his character.

For any regular actor, entering a show that is already three decades old with established characters, might seem daunting, in fact, terrifying, but upon speaking to Poo, he seemed as cool as a cucumber.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how people take to the character. Fortunately, I am playing with a lot people I know personally and I’ve worked with before, so the playing dynamic between us lends itself to what any actor could ask for when walking into an unknown territory.

“Be that as it may, I understand the world of sets. I’ve been in this industry for more than two decades, so it’s about making bold choices and doing research.

“I asked a lot of questions about this character, like ‘Khomo is already in the thick of things and conflict, how did we get here?’

“I think experience holds your hand and you walk with that,” he said.

In preparation for his character, aside from asking questions, Poo read scripts from before and after his storyline to get a sense of how his character landed where he is.

“The truth of this character remains on what the character bible says, who they say he is and the circumstances that he finds himself in, anything outside of that blueprint, you’re fabricating, but because I’m entering a new world and characters have been existing here, I’ve had to research them thoroughly.”

Like millions of other South Africans, Poo too was a habitual “Generations” viewer in the ’90s.

“I am a generation of people that watched ‘Generations’ because of what it symbolised. I grew up on that,” he said.

Poo said he had learnt a lot from the actors purely from watching the show.

With his character being introduced in mid-September, he is hoping that he can bring “a different set of eyes in addition to what they have”.

He is excited to be sharing his story arc with the show’s much-loved characters, Karabo and Tau.

Asked if he felt any pressure about acting alongside these two seasoned actors, he said: “I was excited to have been placed with Connie and Rapulana. We also have, to some degree, an off-screen relationship so it’s just exciting to walk into this. I am hoping it will excite viewers.

“With experience on your side you get on with it. I think the character has come at the right time in my life when I can understand how an individual in that position would navigate the world.”

Talking about the rest of the cast and crew, he was grateful that there was a familiarity with the bulk of the people.

“It’s been great. They seem to be in a very relaxed and well-structured environment so you know, you come in and get on with what you supposed to do and you get out.

“This is all I am doing at the moment. I am lucky to have walked straight out of a telenovela that I shot for three years to come here two weeks later into shooting ‘Generations’. I’m grateful for the opportunity. I’ve grabbed it with both hands and I am taking it on.”

As to why viewers should tune in, he said to witness his full circle moment.

“It is exciting times. If anyone has been following me they will know the kind of work that I do, but also at the back of viewers’ heads, they should know that it took me 22 years to get into ‘Generations’.

“I can’t remember the part I auditioned for. As actors we are taught to forget the role if we don’t get it, to save us from living with rejection and trauma.

“I am excited and honoured. The only way one can meet this challenge is to take it on with both hands, bringing a wealth of experience and put your best foot forward. That’s always been my mantra. Always staying true to the story will do wonders for you and the audience.”

“Generation: The Legacy” airs Mondays to Fridays at 8pm on SABC1.