Enhle Mbali wishes DJ Black Coffee a speedy recovery for the sake of their kids

Enhle Mbali. Picture: Instagram.

Enhle Mbali. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jan 15, 2024


Actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa took to social media to let her supporters and detractors know that despite how she personally feels about DJ Black Coffee, she will always want him in good stead for the sake of their children.

Knowing that the video she posted could get her into “trouble” with her family, PR and lawyers and others, she took to X to share her thoughts on the recent hate she’s been receiving following the Grammy award-winning DJ’s travel accident.

Black Coffee was recently severely hurt during a travel accident en route to a gig in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

He is reportedly on the mend and recently posted an Instagram Story suggesting he is at home. He posted three emojis – a house, a red heart and a pair of praying hands.

DJ Black Coffee is assumed to be at home in recovery. Picture: Instagram

Meanwhile, his soon-to-be ex-wife has been receiving flak from social media users saying that her concern for his recovery is hogwash.

The actress clapped back, saying she does not care for the DJ any more but will always remain concerned for the sake of her children.

In the X video, she said that she heard about Black Coffee’s accident through her son, who called her crying hysterically.

Her mother later told her to reach out to the family to offer support.

“I sent an email saying sorry, but got an email back saying, ‘Stop pretending like you care’. I am so tired of being the bigger person.

“In case you guys haven’t noticed, I am living my life… When I said I wanted a divorce, I made the decision after a lot of thinking.

“I have my freedom, stop taking it away, yes, I may not be divorced just as yet, and many little petty things can be used for the divorce case, which is in November.

“It’s so unfortunate because I have two beautiful little boys, who I am constantly trying to protect from the situation in my silence.

“For those of you who follow me trying to find something I say on a particular n****, I don’t care for him, I care for his well-being because I have children with him, and I care for my children, that is why I sent an email saying, ‘My Lord this is crazy, get better. I did it for my children first’,” she said.

In the rest of the 14-minute video, Mbali shared that she will not tolerate trolls this year. She reminded social media users that she has the power to fight back should she need to.

“Stop it, I’ve been a lady… but the kasi can not leave me. I may have left the kasi, but if we absolutely have to go there, I can do it. It’s a choice not to… Don’t push me. I have nothing to lose… I am not stupid, I am nice.”