Fans divided after MacG declines Sol Phenduka’s request to have Tyla on ‘Podcast and Chill’

MacG. Picture: Instagram

MacG. Picture: Instagram

Published Dec 7, 2023


MacG revealed that he’s not vibing with having Tyla on his podcast.

This juicy scoop came from a video clip on X, where MacG was all like “Nope!” to Sol Phenduka’s idea of having Tyla on the popular Mzansi podcast.

@ThisIsColbert dropped the clip showing MacG shutting down talk of the “Water” hitmaker joining “Podcast and Chill”.

In the video, MacG tells it like it is and says Tyla’s too young to be on the podcast.

“She is too young for #PodcastAndChill – she must still do many things, her journey just started. There’s not much to talk about the rising star, let her enjoy, when sh!t goes south, then she can come, so she still needs to go to P Diddy’s house, lol.”

Too soon?

@ThisIsColbert added to MacG’s response: “Busta Emtee Diddy Alostro Palesa Church Street Mbalula.”

— YaseBlock B 🇸🇿 (@ThisIsColbert) December 4, 2023

Viewers and fans gave their two cents on the matter.

@AkanimiltonM commented: “He knows he can mess her whole career with only 1 question😂😂😂.”

@EMhlanyukwa agreed: “He is right, the girl is still young, her main experience is only around music and the resultant fame. Hardly any tough upbringing, no Township stories, no failures and recoveries.

“She is still more of ‘textbook’ success story. This podcast thrive on drama and controversy.”

@Naphtallyjack couldn’t agree more: “MacG is spot on… her wave now is abroad and must milk it there. The right time will come to put everything in place like Coffee and Shebe interviews. Shebe been making waves but now that his career is taking different direction he came and elevated that. MacG is brilliant.”

While @bhekezinhle wrote: “When MacG doesn’t like you he just doesn’t like you Klaar.”

However, Tyla fans also came for MacG, as @donkarii wrote: “I think what he means is Tyla doesn’t have any scandals he can talk about🤫”

While @PT_G1234 commented: “But he brought shxta what did shxta do tyla is bigger than shxta.”

@Samuelmkp: “I disagree with mag. If u can invite Eugene then Tyla automatically qualifies.”

@tumi88260613 spoke on the P Diddy statement: “MacG needs to thread carefully. What is happening to P Diddy and R Kelly can easily happen to him with his Rock the Girls past life. Regarding Tyla, MacG has invited some swaak up and coming musicians and Producers, surely Tyla has outshined those ones.”

— Dogs Izinja (@tumi88260613) December 5, 2023