Lady Zamar inspires fans to ‘Work For It’ as she drops her third single

Lady Zamar’s latest album “Rainbow” is set to be released in April. Picture: Instagram

Lady Zamar’s latest album “Rainbow” is set to be released in April. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 19, 2024


Ahead of the release of her new album, Lady Zamar has dropped her latest track, “Work For It”.

The empowering anthem, which was released on digital platforms on Friday, aims to inspire listeners to persevere through hardships and to celebrate their wins.

As is the trend with modern music, the song is also anticipated to be an online hit as it is expected to be widely featured on social media posts.

“Reels everywhere are about to be elevated as Lady Zamar’s empowering anthem, ‘Work For It’, is now available,” a statement read.

“This single will inspire her fans with their achievements and share the journey towards their goals.”

Meanwhile, the award-winning musician from Thembisa in Gauteng shared similar sentiments about the song.

“‘Work For It’ is really about, you know the girl who carries the Burberry, Louis Vuitton bags, dressed to the nines, those kinds of girls,” she added in the statement.

“The ones who want the money, the material, it’s really simple, but the message is you’ve got to ‘Work For It’.”

This single is the third to be released from Zamar’s upcoming album “Rainbow”, following “Colours” and “Deeper”, which features Megadrumz.

“With its infectious beats and motivational lyrics, the song serves as a powerful teaser for what’s to come on the album,” the statement added.

“Whether it’s landing a dream job, achieving a fitness goal, or reaching a personal milestone, listeners can now celebrate their triumphs with the uplifting sounds of Lady Zamar.”

“‘Work For It’ is a reminder that success is earned through dedication, perseverance and hard work.”

Zamar’s fans are thrilled about the release of “Rainbow”, which is set to be released next month and comes almost five years after her previous album, “Monarch”.

But the South African singer-songwriter has to overcome many challenges in order to bring her latest offerings to life, including multiple vocal surgeries and starting again from scratch midway through the musical process.

∎ “Work For It” is currently available for download and streaming on major digital platforms.

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