LOOK: SA celebrities share their children’s first day at school moments

It’s back-to-school and parents are having a bitter-sweet moment seeing their children grow. Picture: Pexels.

It’s back-to-school and parents are having a bitter-sweet moment seeing their children grow. Picture: Pexels.

Published Jan 18, 2024


It’s back-to-school season and most teachers are happy to welcome new learners, who are starting their 12-year schooling journey.

For parents whose children are starting school, it is a bitter-sweet moment

Social media was full of pictures of children in their school uniform, shared by proud parents. Side note: please make sure you hide the name of the school and badge for your child's safety when posting on social media.

A few South African celebrities whose children started school, captured the moment and shared them with their followers.

Samkelo Ndlovu was emotional about her daughter’s growth and the journey she was embarking on. The actor and musician’s daughter, Zhuri, looked adorable in her full school uniform, including a blazer.

Ndlovu took to Instagram to express how much she cried after dropping off her daughter at school.

“ Ngilosi yami (my angel), I cried in the car after leaving you. Because I’m mourning the version of you I’ll never see again, but happy to welcome this new version of you. I wish you well on your learning journey and discovering more of yourself and the world. Mommy loves you, Zhuri Ngilosi,” she wrote.

Actor Oros Mampofu was also a proud father as his first-born daughter started Grade R. He took to Instagram to share the proud moment.

“uMafungwashe (first born female child). How this precious time we have flown. My first born is already headed to Grade R in her uniform and everything. So proud of you, my nana. So confident and bold.

“This is but another sign of your love in my life, Jesus. Khula mafungwashe,” wrote the former “Skeem Saam” star.

Meanwhile, radio presenter Anele Mdoda killed two birds with one stone to avoid missing her son’s first day at school.

Since she had work, she decided to broadcast from the principal’s office at Alakhe’s school. Talk about a smart lady with an understanding employer.

Her listeners and followers applauded her for being a great mom.

“Not Anele and her team broadcasting live from Alakhe’s school because Mama didn’t want to miss her son’s first day at school. ❤️❤️📻🤣👏 She will always be the best kule way (in this),” commented @Kunene_Noman.