Mome Mahlangu and Tol Ass Mo separation taught them an important life lesson

Mome Mahlangu and Tol Ass Mo. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Mome Mahlangu and Tol Ass Mo. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Mar 7, 2024


As the old adage goes, "What's meant to be, will be".

Tol Ass Mo and Mahlangu have weathered many storms in their eleven years together, facing challenges and controversies, including a highly publicized rape allegation that caused a rift between them.

However, despite the turmoil, they have found their way back to each other, rediscovering their love just months after Mo openly discussed their separation with DJ Fresh.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Mahlangu reflected on what they learned during their time apart.

She wrote: "What separation taught us is what it felt like to have a soul without a mate. When you are not with your soulmate, your soul lingers on its own seeking, until it finds its way back to its mate.

“Yet, storms are inevitable, but can you stand the rain, because everybody loves sunny days."

Her words were accompanied by a photo of them sharing a kiss.

Fans are excited to see the former reality stars back together again.

One fan commented: “Bona sisi we go through fire nit to be ashes but to come out as a pure gold. I wish you all the best and you are now a polished diamond those storms were just a reminder of who you really are and how important eachbobe (each) is to the other❤️❤️❤️”

“May God keep u guys and protect your family.🙌❤️Now can we please get the reality show again❤️😍The Mahlanguville,” wrote another.

While another wrote: “So happy for you, love wins.”

Anothere fan commented: “Cheers to the soulmates 🥂 quite a very rare breed 😍”