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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Mzansi not impressed with Mihlali Ndamase after ‘Unfollowed’ interview

Mihlali Ndamase. Picture: File.

Mihlali Ndamase. Picture: File.

Published Oct 5, 2023


Award-winning influencer Mihlali Ndamase is once again the talk of the town following her recent appearance on Showmax’s “Unfollowed.

Hosted by Thembekile Mrototo, “Unfollowed” looks into cancel culture and how it has impacted celebrities in recent years.

In this week’s episode, Mrototo put Ndamase in the hot seat, hoping to get answers to all the drama surrounding her life lately.

While she dodged some of the questions, leaving South Africans unhappy, she did answer a few.

For example, when she asked about allegedly beating the controversial blogger Musa Khawula, she claimed not to know him. Yet she publicly admitted that if given another opportunity, she would beat him again.

“I feel like Mihlali acting like she wasn’t bothered by the Musa Khawula smear campaign was very untruthful. I think she should’ve spoken about how it impacted her brand and mental health and how she dealt with it.

“This could’ve been such a great lesson for other influencers,” said @NokuphilaKhany1.

Others said she wasn’t supposed to be on the show in the first place because she wasn’t cancelled or unfollowed.

However, she has been dragged on social media, with people calling her a home-wrecker over her public relationship with Leeroy Sidambe.

When Mrototo asked her about being with a married man, Ndamase was defensive at first, saying she didn’t have much to say about that as it was not her reality.

But her response only prompted the host to push for an answer with another burning question, leading to her spilling the beans.

Ndamase confirmed that she was dating a married man and then added: “It’s not my place to wait, I’m not the one who’s married.

“He decided that he wanted to find a partner and date someone and I happened to click with him. We had chemistry, we fell in love, and then that happened.”

Ndamase admitted that being with a man who’s still legally married to someone else did raise concerns.

However, the fact that her boyfriend no longer lived with his estranged wife made her situation different from all the other women deceived by married men, who promise to leave their wives for them.

“They don’t even live in the same house any more. I think if you’re no longer with the person, I don’t see anything wrong with moving on with your life. It’s completely different if he’s still living in the same house, sleeping in the same bed, saying: ‘I’m getting a divorce’, then that’s just hogwash.”

Social media users were unimpressed with her interview and pointed out that if she was not ready to share the parts of her life that got her into that hot seat, she shouldn’t have agreed to the one-on-one.

“Mihlali wants to ‘Mariah Carey’ the interview but doesn't have the status, so it comes across as immature and rehearsed. ‘Next question’ and ‘I don't know who that is’ doesn’t have the Whitney Houston iconicness she thinks she has.

“She looks ridiculous,” said @Burnerburnerac5.