Mzansi reacts to Kefilwe Mabote’s alleged fake lobola negotiations

Kefilwe Mabote rocking a Gert-Johan Coetzee dress. Picture: Eunice Driver

Kefilwe Mabote rocking a Gert-Johan Coetzee dress. Picture: Eunice Driver

Published Feb 6, 2024


Content creators will go to extra lengths to trend on social media but where does one draw the line?

We’ve seen them leak nudes, do crazy PR stunts and everything in between to trend.

Kefilwe Mabote was one of the trending topics last weekend following allegations regarding her lobola.

According to an article published by Zimoja, Mabote allegedly faked her lobola negotiations for content.

It is alleged she staged a photo shoot, hired the cows and got a jaw-dropping gown from Gert-Johan Coetzee for lobola negotiations that never happened.

According to the publication, a source close to Mabote revealed that she was never married.

“There was never a marriage, that entire thing was staged for content. The poor guy nearly lost one of his wives after she posted those pictures, the wife thought he secretly married her without her knowledge,” Zimoja reported.

People on social media started questioning the integrity of social media content creators. It is known that sometimes they hire clothes for events, which is normal across all celebrities, but we never thought they could also hire cows for lobola.

Kefilwe Mabote has borrowed Birkins and lied about owning them, she’s showed up to the Gcaba wedding dressed to outshine the bride and ignored wedding etiquette. Has two kids but lied about being a mother.

“Faking something as sacred as lobola for content? Kefi uyagula ngekhanda (she’s not okay in the head),” said @Burnerburnerac5.

Another X user, @SonOfZeusCronus, said: “Some women got influenced by the name of Kefilwe Mabote. This is a lesson that things are not always what they seem!”

While people were discussing her alleged fake lobola, Mabote couldn’t be bothered. She was in Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards, rubbing shoulders with South African celebrities, including Musa Keys, Anele Mdoda and Boity Thulo, to name a few.

Mabote has since deleted all the pictures and videos of the lobola in question.