Mzansi reacts to Shauwn Mkhize’s ‘blessed’ swimming pool video

Mkhize was recently seen rocking a green Versace two-piece. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Mkhize was recently seen rocking a green Versace two-piece. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Mar 5, 2024


Shauwn Mkhize, the unstoppable force of fabulousness, recently lit up social media with a dripping video that had tongues wagging and screens sizzling.

Decked out in a jaw-dropping green swimsuit, Mkhize, in her 50s, brought the heat as she twirled in a pool like she owned it.

Shared on her X page, the video showcased Mkhize rocking a green Versace two-piece with the kind of confidence that could stop traffic. But she didn't stop there—oh no. With poses and angles, sis wasn't holding back one bit.

Like the stylish person that she is, she paired the swimsuit with trendy sunglasses and opulent jewelry,

But as they say, where there's a splash, there's bound to be some shade. Amidst the wave of adoration, a few sour grapes suggested that maybe Mkhize was experiencing a mid-life crisis and should be acting her age.

She captioned the video: “Let me blessed your day with this video 📹.”

@Miz_Ruraltarain commented: “What kind of society will have when old people don't want to be our respected elders? 🤔”

@OKM707 commented: “Adults chasing the popularity they missed out on as a teenager are the worst.”

X users were going ham with the comments: “It’s important to go through all stages in life . So that when you are old, you don’t start doing things that will embarrass you like this. Which stage did you skip Aunty 😭 I know it’s your life but akubukeki,“ @Beloved_Ekasi wrote.

@Musharukw wrote: “Midlife crisis is not a joke.....”

@Ndo_Cala also wrote: “I don't care how much money one has acquired, but this doesn't look like a satisfying kind of life, especially at 50.”

@alvan_d23 took it way back: “The 70s generation going backwards grew up in very strict societies that even shaving was considered an abomination. Now that society has changed and they have the money allow them to express themselves tu lol”

In a world where ageism tries to diminish the confidence of women over a certain age, Mkhize's unapologetic celebration of her sensuality and vitality is a powerful act of defiance.