Shebeshxt’s apology falls flat after viral ‘knockout’ video



Published Mar 8, 2024


Lehlogonolo Chauke, known as Shebeshxt, has once again found himself in the media spotlight, this time for all the wrong reasons.

The rapper, whose success is often overshadowed by controversy, has recently made headlines for a video showing him allegedly slapping a fan – real hard.

The video that has now gone viral shows Shebeshxt offering an apology to the man he allegedly knocked out. While some may see this as a gesture of remorse, social media users remain sceptical.

Taking to X, @MDNnewss reported on Shebeshxt’s apology, quoting him as saying, “I’m with him now, I came to ask for forgiveness. I made a mistake for sure. I won’t do it again.”

However, despite his words, many viewers remain unconvinced, questioning the sincerity of his apology and expressing fatigue with the rapper’s repeated involvement in violent incidents.

Mzansi has frequently discussed the influencers in South Africa and whether it is appropriate to expose young people to such examples.

@Mayo6Tee commented: “Imagine allowing such a person to influence your kids.”

@Sandiso_N commented: “one day boi you do this to wrong people and it won’t end nice, manage your anger issue, cause here in KZN we don’t tolerate such behaviour.”

@Nthabeemaringa also wrote: “He doesn’t even show any remose (remorse)”

“This filthy guy of yours needs a serious character and personality clean-up! I truly can’t understand how some people find him amusing or even worthy to be celebrated,” @TheeOssy_Oswald wrote.

In 2023, the rapper received death threats and asked for prayers on Instagram, stating: “They hired people to kill me. Pray for me.”