WATCH: KB Motsilanyane makes a dramatic entrance on ‘House of Zwide’

KB Motsilanyane. Picture: Instagram

KB Motsilanyane. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 5, 2023


Keabetswe “KB” Motsilanyane is making a dramatic entrance into the popular show “House of Zwide“.

She has been cast as advocate Nandipha Khadzi, the sister of slain Alex Khadzi, and makes her debut on Wednesday, July 5.

Alex was played by award-winning actor Warren Masemola. He recently exited the show after his character was accidentally shot and killed by Nkosi Zwide during a scuffle.

Nandipha’s character is described as headstrong and undeterred in her quest to find out what happened to her missing brother.

Their father was a wealthy and traditional polygamist who banished Alex and his mother from the family when he discovered Alex’s passion for making dresses and, occasionally, wearing them.

Despite keeping her admiration for her brother a secret, Nandipha excelled academically and became a powerful lawyer, always holding the hope of reconciling with him after their father’s passing.

The plot takes a turn when all evidence points to the Zwides’ involvement in her brother’s disappearance, leading Nandipha to seek the truth and confront the family.

The character is portrayed as challenging and intense, with Motsilanyane expressing her excitement and readiness to take on the role.

“Nandipha arrives and she looking for her brother, whom she loves so much, and nobody wants to tell her where her brother is,” says the Moruleng-born star.

“She is then forced to go around and piece things together as she tries to figure out what happened to her brother.

“She comes into this community, and she asked people that have worked with him, that have lived with him, that have interacted with him, and everybody’s just saying they don’t know where he is, but they’re carrying on like everything is normal, and that’s when she embarks on a journey to uncover what may have happened to her sibling.

“I don’t wanna give away too much but Nandipha is hectic. I look at the script and I think: ‘Oh, my goodness!’ She challenges me as an actor to bring about another perspective, on how I portray such a character.

“But I absolutely love her and I absolutely love the challenge. I absolutely love what she requires of me. And I think the audience is absolutely going to love her.”

The former “Backstage” star is thrilled to be back on after an eight-year hiatus, previously having played the role of Lucilla Vilakazi on's “Rhythm City”, alongside legendary Peter Sephuma, Jamie Bartlett and Connie Chiume.

She is excited about the opportunity to work with a new cast and delve into a different style of filming, embracing the growth and learning experience it offers.

“I haven’t worked with most of the cast members on ‘House of Zwide’, the likes of Winnie (Ntshaba), and Ntate Vusi (Kunene), so this is such an amazing journey that I’m looking forward to and I hope that the viewers will enjoy Nandipha.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity. Even just beyond what you guys are going see on screen, just behind the scenes for me is a completely new environment.

“When one discovers that there’s still something to learn after years in the industry, it means that there's room for growth as well, so I’m looking forward to that.”

∎Catch “House of Zwide”, on (DStv channel 194) at 7pm, weekdays.