WATCH: Lamiez and Khuli Chana’s baby is already walking at less than a year old

Lamiez Holworthy with baby Leano. Picture: Instagram.

Lamiez Holworthy with baby Leano. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jan 11, 2024


If you want to see how fast time flies, look at the growth of the children around you because wasn’t it just yesterday when Lamiez Holworthy gave birth to her first child? Well, that baby now walks.

Holworthy and her rapper husband Khuli Chana welcomed their baby boy in March 2023 and, at nine months old, baby Leano is already walking.

Taking to Instagram, Holworthy shared a video of her son taking his baby steps, and it was so cute.

“So my roommate, who I carried for nine whole months? You know the one who betrayed me by looking like his father and nothing like me? Yea, him.

“Well, he’s walking at nine months already. He started taking a step or two at 7/8 months and was crawling way before that. To anyone else who has a baby, please remember that each child grows and develops at their own pace,” wrote the DJ.

And he’s even climbing chairs.

Holworthy’s followers are shocked by her baby’s progress. However, they find him too cute to resist.

“Lol, when he turned the make-up artist’s chair into his personal jungle gym *priceless 😂😂. He’s too nunu’s man,” commented @charlotte.meyer_charbella.

To all parents with small children, please don’t be alarmed if your child has not yet reached certain milestones.

Remember, everyone is different, and their delay doesn’t mean they are incapable. Be patient with them, encourage them and show up for them.

If you suspect that there may be something that may be wrong with them, go to a paediatrician or your nearest healthcare facility for a correct diagnosis.