WATCH: Madonna mistakenly calls out wheelchair user for sitting down at LA ‘Celebration Tour’

Madonna. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Madonna. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Mar 13, 2024


Talk about awkward! Madonna, who recently bounced back from a health scare, was back on stage and doing her thing. But her recent show in Los Angeles saw things take an uncomfortable turn.

During her recent “Celebration Tour” stop at the Kia Forum, the Queen of Pop inadvertently offended an audience member.

The 65-year-old singer called out a fan for not standing up during her performance, only to quickly realise the person was using a wheelchair.

“What are you doing sitting down over there? What are you doing sitting down?” asked Madonna.

When she walked to a corner of the stage to get a closer look at the fan, she saw the individual was in a wheelchair.

“Oh, OK. Politically incorrect,” she said. “Sorry about that. I’m glad you’re here.”

X users were not happy by what they witnessed.

@Across3Horizons commented: “Does it matter if they’re sitting or standing? they paid for the ticket and took the time to be there? Isn’t that enough?”

It got slightly heated as @TalkerReel92 wrote: “Ok you shouldn’t be calling people out for sitting down anyways. She's not the queen of England. Some people are tired or have conditions where they need to sit. You want them to leave altogether? Yikes.”

One user mentioned that concert-goers have various reasons for choosing to sit during a concert and advised her to be respectful of their choices.

@DemonicNesquik wrote: “Even if they aren’t a wheelchair user, there are plenty of reasons someone could be sitting down at a concert.

“With me, when I stand for too long, all of the blood pools in my legs and it can cause me to pass out. My dad has Parkinson’s and his body gets overwhelmed easily.

“Someone could be dehydrated or maybe they came right after a long shift working retail or at a hospital, which means they’ve been standing all day.

“I could understand if she asked ‘hey I noticed you’re sitting and I just wanted to make sure you’re ok. Do you need a water?’ But asking why they’re sitting in an accusatory tone is rude asf...”

Another user tried to explain the act behind it.

@itsPopVulture commented: “I’ve been to the show. There’s a part where during the show she asks everyone to stand up. It’s not about who’s sitting/standing during the entire show.

“Just one section she asks for participation. And this time she embarrassed herself.”