‘WTF more does he want from me?’ Ashleigh Ogle says Elton Jantjies won’t leave her alone

Ashleigh Ogle. Picture: Instagram/ashleighogle

Ashleigh Ogle. Picture: Instagram/ashleighogle

Published Dec 24, 2023


Elton Jantjies has been grabbing headlines lately but it’s not for the best reasons –most of the buzz is around his love life.

His ex-girlfriend, Ashleigh Ogle, recently spilt the tea on their relationship, with some not-so-great details.

Initially, everything seemed rosy. Jantjies even went all out, booking an entire restaurant for the two of them.

However, fast forward to today, and Ogle is singing a different tune.

She’s made serious allegations against Jantjies, among them domestic abuse, substance misuse and stalking, all within a mere three months of dating.

Ogle spilt the beans to “The South African”, revealing that she had taken out a protection order against Jantjies following their split in October.

Unfortunately, the drama doesn’t seem to have settled down, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.

Ogle took to “X” to post tweets regarding the ordeal: “It’s sad that we live in a world where we have to get protection/restraining orders against people we once loved for them to leave us alone or for us to feel safe 🥺.”

“Even a protection order won’t prevent this idiot from leaving me alone. WTF more does he want from me?” she wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, she said: “This man is dangerously obsessed with me and it’s annoying now 🫣”

Nevertheless, as per reports, Jantjies declined to comment on the allegations. Instead, he advised others not to readily believe everything they read.

He said he was focusing on his career and hinted that he could be returning to the Lions.