X users respond to Kelly Khumalo being a sore loser at the Samas

The South African singer faced disappointment after not bagging an award. Picture: Instagram

The South African singer faced disappointment after not bagging an award. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 20, 2023


X users reacted to Kelly Khumalo's comments after the singer, nominated for Best Afropop Album and Female Artist of the Year at the SA Music Awards (Samas), shared her frustration at not winning an award.

In the aftermath of a controversial incident, the South African singer took the “L” (loss) less than gracefully. Fans were not shy to express themselves and joined her in this emotional response.

In a now-deleted post, described by some as a “vulgar rant” as reported by East Coast Radio, Khumalo let loose, shedding light on her feelings about the situation.

“You guys know the truth. Numbers never lie. Call me Emaweni (title of her latest album),” Kelly boldly declared in one post on X, telling everyone she’s the real deal, award or no award.

And if that wasn’t enough, she continued with serious clapbacks: “Arranged winnings FUSEG!… I’m not scared of all of you FUSEG! FUSEG NONKE.” Translation: she’s not buying into any rigged game, and she’s not afraid to stand her ground – no matter what you think.

However, fans and tweeps were not holding back on Khumalo coming for Ntokozo Mbambo, who bagged three awards: Female Artist of the Year, Best Album of the Year and Contemporary Faith Album of the Year.

One wrote: @MagoshiNong “There you go babygirl @KellyKhumaloZAnow shut up and FUSEG…”

— The Chubby Capetonian (@MagoshiNong) November 19, 2023

@Dj_Lexx_Africa shared their spiritual perspective on the ordeal: “Right now you don’t act like a child of God, bitterness and pettiness, learn to celebrate another woman win and maybe do collaborations if u really Love God you will do what’s right.

“Remember GOd is love ❤️ I love your music but now I’m disappointed in you.”

— MR LEXX 🇧🇼🇿🇦 (@Dj_Lexx_Africa) November 19, 2023

One fan of Khumalo shared a mutual understanding with Khumalo.

The post said the following: “Ntokozo was done a favour to avoid having Kelly winning.

“Kelly would have attracted negative attention to Samas from her haters! People would have called for boycotts of Samas & some sponsors.

“We know Kelly deserved it.

“We apologize to her as the nation.“

— Constitution First 🇿🇦 (@Constitution_94) November 19, 2023

Fans of Mbatha were not having it.

@rosesndou expressed: “Ntokozo Mbatha has won and she deserves it. Apologize to Kelly alone.”

@TomHarry1878 wrote: “Absolute nonsense. But the best thing for me is that Ntokozo has finally gotten her due in this industry. The rantings of a mad woman and her minions won't change that. Ntokozo has too much grace to respond to this. And I love that.”

@relebohiletp commented: “Don’t include the entire nation in your apology. She insulted Ntokozo who happens to not bother anyone, all she does is create great gospel music.

“Kelly is also a talented musician no doubt about that , her voice should serve its purpose and not to spit venomous insults.”