5 fashion hacks that will make your life easier

You can always use pantyliner as a sole on closed shoes. Picture: Pexels.

You can always use pantyliner as a sole on closed shoes. Picture: Pexels.

Published Apr 12, 2024


There are people with nice clothes but don’t know how to pair them. It’s not that they lack fashion taste, they just don’t have inspiration on how to style certain items.

If you struggle with putting outfits together, these are the top five fashion hacks that will change your life.

Get an inspiration board

Most stylish people that you see get their inspiration from somewhere. It can be Pinterest, magazines or look-books, anywhere you would find a similar style to yours.

Before you decide on an outfit, try it in different ways and see how it would look.

An inspiration board is a good start when it comes to slaying fashion. Picture: Pexels.

Use a hair elastic to keep your belt intact

Do you ever find yourself with a belt that won’t remain flat? Well, worry not because you can always use an elastic band as an extra loop. That way, you won’t have to worry about a belt being all over the place, making you look clumsy and unstylish.

Use a pantyliner as a sole

There are uncomfortable heels you cannot get rid of because they make a killer outfit. So, to save your feet from having blisters, use a pantyliner as a sole for maximum comfort, that way, you’ll be able to slay pain-free.

Bear in mind that this can only work with closed shoes, including sneakers, so don’t try it with sandals.

Small bags for the win

Big bags tend to ruin an outfit, that is why small ones will always win because they match with almost everything. For example, you cannot carry a tote bag to a black tie event, it will ruin your look.

However, a clutch purse can work for both black tie and casual. With casual, you’ll have to add the sling belt, and you’re good to go.

Small bags over big bags. Picture: Pexels.

Use elastoplast tape as a boob tape

Don’t have a boob tape, and you need to wear a bareback dress that doesn’t require a bra? No worries, go to your first aid kit and grab an elastoplast. You can use it to tape your boobs and no one will know.