Beauty on a budget: consider these five essential skincare products

Petroleum jelly is good for the skin. Picture: Pexels.

Petroleum jelly is good for the skin. Picture: Pexels.

Published Apr 19, 2024


We cannot hide the fact that skincare products are expensive, especially in this economy where everyone is trying by all means not to drown.

At the same time, our skin needs to be moisturised, or else doing damage control will even be more expensive. Prevention is better than cure.

Since everything has become expensive, you must prioritise only the products your skin needs and leave the rest.

And if we’re being honest, your skin doesn’t need all those highly scented products such as body scrubs and body butters. The basics would do.

Below are the top five products to consider:


The nice thing about a bar of soap is that it does all the work done by cleaners and body washes. Depending on your skin, it’s always best to stick to non-scented soap to avoid irritation and itchiness.

Get a non-scented bar soap. Picture: Pexels.

Exfoliating gloves

Instead of getting an exfoliating gel, get gloves instead. What’s nice about gloves is that you can use them for a long time, whereas gel will last about a month at most.

Remember, the aim is to get rid of dead skin, and gloves do that just as well and exfoliating gel.

Petroleum jelly

Now that the temperatures are dropping, it’s best to moisturise with petroleum jelly instead of a lotion. Petroleum jelly can also be used on the lips, thus making it a multipurpose product.

Petroleum jelly is great for the skin.


You don’t have to own the most expensive perfume, but if you have a deodorant for your armpits, then you’re good to go. The aim is to smell fresh and be clean.


This is probably the most expensive product you need. Costly as it is, your skin needs it more than ever to protect it from the harsh winds and harmful sun rays.

With these basic products, you are guaranteed a healthy-looking skin throughout autumn and winter.

Don’t skip the sunscreen. Picture: Pexels.