Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon to the stars unpacks the mommy makeover

Tummy tuck and 360 liposuction.

Tummy tuck and 360 liposuction.

Published Sep 5, 2023


Having a baby is one of the best things that can happen, especially for people who have been longing to be parents.

The uncomfortable truth is that women are the ones who carry the load of raising children from pregnancy until the rest of their lives.

Pregnancy comes with many changes, such as stretch marks, weight gain and acne. While some of them go away after birth, other changes remain.

Most mothers find it difficult to bounce back to their old bodies because baby fat can be stubborn to get rid of. Those who can afford it, resort to surgeries such as the mommy makeover.

Dr Deon Weyers, a South African cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, who has worked with many celebrity mothers, helps unpack the mommy makeover.

What is a mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps mothers reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies. The transformative surgery combines multiple procedures tailored to address the physical changes that occur after childbirth.

From breast augmentation, lift and reduction to tummy tucks and body-contouring liposuction, a mommy makeover aims to restore confidence and rejuvenate the overall appearance.

Although it is called a mommy makeover, the procedure is not exclusive to mothers. Anyone who is old enough and meets the requirements can get the surgery.

“It is not just for mothers but also patients that experienced a significant amount of weight loss and/or patients that have stubborn fatty deposits and excess skin that can’t be improved by diet and exercise,” says Dr Weyers.

However, there is a different time frame for people who recently gave birth and those who want the procedure.

For example, mothers can get the procedure at least three to six months after they have stopped breast-feeding. This is to ensure that the hormones are settle before the procedure is performed.

In terms of the recovery process, Dr Weyers says it differs from person to person but generally takes about six to eight weeks.

“During this period, you will experience different stages of healing, each requiring specific care and attention.”

Let’s delve into the stages:

Immediate postoperative recovery phase (1-2 weeks)

Immediately after surgery, you will experience some swelling, bruising and discomfort. Your surgeon will provide detailed instructions on wound care, pain management and activity restrictions.

It's crucial to follow the guidelines meticulously to ensure optimal healing.

Initial healing recovery phase (2-4 weeks)

During this phase, the swelling and bruising will gradually subside. You may start to feel more comfortable and notice improvements in your body’s contour.

However, it's important to avoid strenuous activities and follow a balanced diet to promote healing and reduce the risk of complications.

Continued healing recovery phase (4-6 weeks)

At this stage, most patients begin to feel a sense of normalcy. The swelling continues to decrease, and you may be able to resume light exercises under your surgeon’s guidance.

However, it’s essential to avoid heavy lifting or engaging in strenuous workouts until you receive clearance from your surgeon.

Full recovery (6-8 weeks)

By this time, you should be feeling close to your pre-surgical self. Most of the swelling should have gone down, and you can gradually return to your regular activities.

Your surgeon may provide additional recommendations to ensure long-term results and maintain your new body contours.

Like with most surgeries, the mommy makeover has some side effects and the most common one is scarring.

“Any invasive surgery will come with some scarring. Scars will fade over time but will always be there. However, the result of a mommy makeover will renew confidence and, if appropriately indicated, will outweigh the residual scar,” says Dr Weyers.

If you’re considering a mommy makeover, start preparing now. There is no exact price as each procedure is customised to each patient but a mommy makeover can vary from R100k to around R300k.