Expert advice on achieving Ariana Grande's glowing complexion

Ariana Grande. Picture: Instagram.

Ariana Grande. Picture: Instagram.

Published Apr 9, 2024


Internationally renowned musician Ariana Grande is widely considered as one of the world’s most striking beauties.

Much of her attraction is attributed to her flawless skin. With this in mind, experts at beauty and wellness marketplace, Fresha, have researched the “Thank U, Next” hitmaker’s skincare routine and provided tips on achieving her gorgeous complexion, in just a few easy steps.

“Ariana Grande’s consistently flawless appearance is so much simpler than you’d think and all products included in her routine are affordable and accessible but remain extremely effective,” they said.

Step 1 - Skin cleanse

Cleansing your skin is a key step in the pop star's routine as it helps keep the skin fresh and prevent blemishes, the experts said.

“It is probably overlooked in most skin routines as scrubbing your face can be tedious and seem pointless, yet a simple scrub can help keep your skin clear.”

They added that a study from Practical Dermatology demonstrates the positive effects a proper cleanse can have on the skin, including removing harmful bacteria that can cause blemishes and breakouts.

“Grande has previously stated that washing her face is just as important as applying products to her skin.”

They explained that she uses anything from a chemical exfoliant to a face scrub to ensure her skin is well-exfoliated and impurities like blackheads and dead skin cells are removed before the next application step.

Step 2 - Face serum

Grande reportedly swears by a simple, lightweight serum as the base of her skincare routine for a healthy glow.

The experts explained that she previously revealed that she always used a biocell cleanser to transform the texture of her skin so it is smooth and soft.

“These face serums are typically water-based and gel or liquid to make application easy and hydrate the face.”

“Most face serums contain vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and retinol, which have many skin benefits such as reduced lines, fewer wrinkles and suitability for sensitive/acne-prone skin.”

Step 3 - Moisturiser and SPF

A lightweight serum is great for hydration but to prevent the skin from drying out after a deep cleanse, moisturiser helps maintain natural oils and brighten skin tone, Fresha added.

“By strengthening the skin moisture barrier, Grande’s skin radiates a natural dewy appearance and protects the skin from drying.”

The musician apparently mixes SPF into her moisturiser for the ultimate UV protection.

The beauty experts said that a study by PubMed Central found that sunscreen helps to prevent the skin from coming into direct contact with harmful UVA and UVB rays that can cause significant damage.

“In addition, it helps reduce signs of ageing by protecting the skin cells that prevent the appearance of sagging and skin discolouration.”

Ariana Grande pays special attention to her eyes during her skincare routine. File image.

Step 4 - Under-eye cooling balm

The next step in Grande’s skin care routine is under-eye cooling balm, which she claims to love the refreshing and energising effect it has.

“It is greatly beneficial in preventing bags around the eyes and helps reduce ageing in wrinkle-prone areas,” the experts said.

They added that the cooling balm also has a dual purpose and can be worn over make-up as a highlighter to complete a glowing finish.

Step 5 – Eye mask

The musician is believed to keep under-eye masks on for between 15 minutes to four hours, depending on how quickly she needs to get ready.

“These masks help prevent under-eye wrinkles and soothe her skin before applying makeup,” the Fresha experts said.

Step 6 - Coconut oil

Grande uses coconut oil all over her face and body to help prevent dry skin.

“It helps combat skin conditions from dermatitis to eczema and can soothe any inflammation that may occur on your face.”

They added that as most people regularly spread harmful bacteria into their pores because they frequently touch their faces throughout the day.

“Coconut oil works as an antiviral and anti-fungal barrier to help prevent any unwanted bacteria that could lead to breakouts and imperfections.”