Mzansi is divided over Prince Kaybee’s clean-shaven look

Prince Kaybee’s new look. Picture: Instagram.

Prince Kaybee’s new look. Picture: Instagram.

Published Sep 5, 2023


This past weekend was buzzing, with people welcoming spring. Almost everyone was out and about, looking fly.

Musician Prince Kaybee welcomed spring in style by revealing his new look.

Taking to X, he posted a picture of himself with no beard, just a moustache.

“Boys, if you brave enough, get rid of the beard, make way for fresh summer beard. Good day,” he wrote.

While some commended him for his bravery, most women were against it.

“Having a boyfriend is scary because one day he can wake up and decide to do some dumb sh*& like this, and you can’t do anything about it,” said @ohyessratii.

Another X user, @bigtimevicks said: “Beards are men’s make-up, let that n*gga shave off those beards, and you will see ugliness.”

That comment is debatable, because come to think it, a beard does add flair to a man’s look. A man can look basic with no beard but with a beard, he can easily go from a four to an eight if we are rating looks.

It’s the same with make-up, it elevates your look. It’s safe to say both are beauty enhances, except that a beard is natural whereas make-up isn’t.

Others said the “Gugulethu” hitmaker resembled Bonko Khoza, who used to play Mqhele on “The Wife”.

Although some may not approve of Kaybee’s new look, his beard will grow back soon because in summer, hair generally grows faster due to our increased vitamin intake, time spent outdoors and in the sun, and a more active lifestyle.

And if he decides not to grow back his beard, that’s fine because sometimes facial hair may cause irritation and discomfort in hot weather.

Either way, people will get used to his look.

Below are more reactions about Kaybee’s new look.

— Karabo Parkins (@KaraboParkins) September 2, 2023