Somizi responds to backlash of his recently launched children’s fashion line, Sompire Kids

Sompire Kids by Somizi Mhlongo. Picture: Instagram.

Sompire Kids by Somizi Mhlongo. Picture: Instagram.

Published Sep 6, 2023


It’s been a week since Somizi Mhlongo launched his kiddies brand, Sompire Kids.

While most of his friends and fans have supported the launch, there has been some controversy around it on social media.

Some people felt he didn't need to put his face on children’s apparel.

“Honest feedback is that a grown man's face on kids’ clothes is very weird and cringe perhaps a logo or writing not your face,” asked @rabelanim.

Others went as far as highlighting how it was not “right” for a convicted sex offender to be selling children’s clothes.

In 2008, Mhlongo was found guilty of fondling Celani Njapha's private parts and sentenced to four months imprisonment or a fine of R6000.

“Imagine buying your child a T-shirt that has the face of a convicted sex offender, something is just off,” said @gugu_dlodlo_99.

Others suggested the silver and gold are too much for kids and he should at least use bright, child-friendly colours.

“I honestly think they can go back to the drawing board on the branding. We still want kids to be kids, not adult-dressed kids. Cute stuffed animal painting, cartoons and playful characters. Plus kids colours too, silver ke season ya Beyoncé,” said @elle_eulaliah.

Taking to Instagram, Mhlongo explained that his brand encourages children to be bold.

He said: “Sompire encourages kids to be themselves. It encourages boldness. It mainly revolves around positivity, loving themselves and being confident enough to be who they truly are. Hence the slogan: “Brave enough to be yourself.”

Some of his fans love the bold designs to affirm the kids.

One fan wrote: “Those affirmation captions are necessary; they are important. Congratulations. May this offering continue to grow - I’m seeing employment opportunities for our people.

“Thank you for helping our country reduce the unemployment. You are the citizen we need! Blessings and blessings Mr Mhlongo, sir!”