WATCH: These kinds of men, according to millennial women on TikTok, make the finest husbands

Brown stated that men who are fans of “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” are excellent husband material. Picture: Pexels.

Brown stated that men who are fans of “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” are excellent husband material. Picture: Pexels.

Published Sep 21, 2023


Social media users are claiming that nerds make the finest husbands, which is a sign that geek culture is in vogue.

A popular podcaster and TikTok influencer named Isabel Brown gave tips on how to locate a spouse who would meet all of your demands in a popular TikTok video.

While the trope of the geeky lady getting a makeover is more prevalent in popular media, Brown voiced concern with the lack of representation for nerdy guys.

She enumerated characteristics of anti-jock males that make them ideal spouse candidates: fawning over “Star Wars”, buying a wand from the “Harry Potter” wizarding realm, having an unhealthy love with anime and pretending to be a Jedi knight with a blazing lightsaber.

According to social media experts, wearing a bulky pocket protector and watching anime animations are all characteristics of a perfect husband.

“Go for the nerds,” encouraged soon-to-be married Brown, 26, from Florida, in the trending TikTok video with over 5.3 million views.

“Nerds make the best husbands,” she captioned the clip. “It’s a fact”, she exclaims confidently.

With a stitched video from a different TikTok user as her introduction, Brown asked other ladies how they were able to find a loving man who met all of their wants.

She continued by calling out society for failing to recognise the great magnificence of the guys with four eyes and braces.

Online commenters shared their own stories of being married to nerdy partners and praised their lovely, caring, and loving attributes, echoing Brown's remark.

She added: “It honestly blows my mind how we have this entire trope in American literature and movies and TV shows about the nerdy girl who gets the glow up when she grows up,” ranted Brown of the common theme features in famed rom-com classics like “She’s All That” and “Never Been Kissed”.

“But we don’t [see] that for [nerdy] men,” she continued on TikTok.

The blonde claims that these small underappreciated nerdy guys grow up to be men who see what's inside after listing the nerdy "green flags".

“I married the anime loving, nerdy gamer boy. Wouldn’t change it for the world,” commented the wife of a Poindexter, which the Oxford Dictionary describes as “a boringly studious and socially inept person” and the Urban Dictionary describes as “a male who lacks popularity due to his pedantism and quirky fashion sense - usually impartial to bowties.

“YESSSSSSSSSS,” one of her followers excitedly comments. “MY HUSBAND IS THE BIGGEST ADORABLE NERD.”

Digitally known as @UrDivorceSurvivalGuide, a relationship guru outlined why he and other nerds make excellent mates. Nerds make excellent partners, according to the TikToker.

He said that nerds, who were frequently outsiders, had seen how jocks and beautiful men treated women badly. As a result, they are more loyal, honourable, and morally upright and have learned what not to do in relationships.

Finding someone who was once rejected or thought to be unattractive was encouraged in the book since they are likely to make the best mate.

Online, this hypothesis has become popular, with couples like Houston’s Scott and Divine raking in millions of views for their unbalanced appeal.

Even Kim Kardashian has demonstrated her admiration for nerds by attending a Lakers game in a “I Love Nerds” crop top.

“Nerds are the ones that [were] always on the outside looking in, (seeing) all the jocks and so-called hot guys get selected…and watching those beautiful girls (they’ve) always been attracted to her dogged and crapped on, and thinking, ‘Gosh, I’d wouldn’t do any of that stuff (to women),’” he said.

“You get to learn what not to do [in relationships]," he added in the TikTok video.

Nevertheless, not everyone agrees that nerds make the best husbands. Self-described nerd Justin highlighted his concerns, saying that some individuals might not be motivated to relate to or be a part of that environment since they have no interest in nerdy issues.

Some people may lose interest as a result of the absence of common interests.

A self-described nerd named Justin warned that snatching a geeky guy might not work out.

“(Some) may have no interest in nerdy topics themselves — they have no motivation to relate, they have no motivation to be a part of it,” he said in the TikTok video.

“So that loses any interest for me.”

Regardless of individual preferences, the idea that geeks make excellent mates is being promoted and nerdy attributes are being celebrated on social media. It seems like there is still hope for the underdog nerd to find love and happiness.

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