LOOK: Passenger unimpressed to be seated next to a pitbull on flight

The 22Kg pitbull and owner seated next to her. Picture: Juanie/TWITTER

The 22Kg pitbull and owner seated next to her. Picture: Juanie/TWITTER

Published Jun 26, 2023


Can you believe it? A passenger found herself in an uncomfortable situation with a 22-kilogram pitbull as her seat mate. And if that wasn't enough, the dog's owner was casually lounging around, puffing on an e-cigarette. Lekker ne!

Talk about a scene straight out of the movie “Pineapple Express!” Juanie embarked on a flight from the Los Angeles International Airport to the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport on June 18.

‘’So…I’m next to a yt girl who just asked if I would give up my seat for her pitbull. When I got to my seat, she had the pitbull in my seat. And now she’s acting like I’m unreasonable. All for emotional support animals. In your fricken seat, Geez.“

She said her rough experience included a fellow passenger who had the audacity to ask her to give up her seat for a pitbull.

Also, dogs are a man’s best friend, but often, a pitbull is ready to rip you apart. Therefore, naturally, she swiftly declined the request.

However, when she arrived at her seat, she discovered the pitbull had already settled in, claiming her territory. Adding insult to injury, she revealed that the pitbull's owner had the nerve to act as if she was the unreasonable one in the situation.

— Juanie (@just_juanie) June 18, 2023

In a follow up tweet, she explained that there’s no hate towards the dog. He clearly isn’t in a position to make decisions or book a flight.

She wrote: “I will continue to reiterate that the dog has been fine and non problematic. It isn’t the dog’s fault. Genuinely upset that this was allowed by @delta because as far as I’m concerned it theirs fault.

“Me and the woman on the aisle now have dog hair on us. It’s just too much.’’

Clearly not a dog lover. Maybe if it was a little Jack Russel, she would not have been that ticked off.

Sis was furious and tweeps agreed that the situation was ‘salty’.

One user commented: ‘’This is ridiculous. A large, unrestrained dog in the lap of person next to you in an already cramped seat? I'd be salty as hell.’’

While another added: ‘’That’s out of line. When I fly with my dog he’s in a carrier UNDER the seat. People really shouldn’t be able to have non service dogs on seats.’’ That sounds about right.

Dogs are allowed on flights and can be seated with their owners under certain conditions and regulations.

However, the specific rules and requirements may vary depending on the airline and the country or region in which the flight operates. Many airlines have policies in place for accommodating pets, including dogs, in the cabin area.

Additionally, as per the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) latest regulations but smoking a vape or e-cigarette on an aeroplane is a hard no. Seems like someone was just in the mood to bend the rules and piss people off.

According to a ‘’Newsweek’’ report, a Delta Air Lines spokesperson said: “What is displayed in these videos … is both in violation of Delta and federal policy. We are currently conducting an internal investigation and apologise to the customers inconvenienced by this situation.’’