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Saturday, December 2, 2023

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‘This is Cape Town’ magazine is part of the city’s plan to drive tourism and investment into the metro

This is Cape Town magazine with city backdrop. Photographer: Bernelee Vollmer

This is Cape Town magazine with city backdrop. Photographer: Bernelee Vollmer

Published Sep 18, 2023


There’s something about a sunny day in the Mother City that truly allows you to see the beauty of Cape Town. It was the perfect day to celebrate a magazine that captures the essence of this iconic city.

"This Is Cape Town" has a clear objective: to draw in a greater number of visitors and investors to this metropolitan area.

In its inaugural issue, the magazine offers a comprehensive overview of the myriad experiences, investment prospects, and diverse communities that enrich the vibrant tapestry of the Mother City.

The magazine covers a range of interesting topics in its debut issue. These include:

Langa’s 100th anniversary

Exploring the history and celebrations surrounding the 100th anniversary of Langa neighbourhood in Cape Town.

Cruise tourism

Discussing the growing popularity of cruise tourism on large ships to various destinations.

Green energy initiatives

Highlighting sustainable and eco-friendly projects aimed at harnessing clean energy sources in Cape Town.

Cape Town as a gateway to Antarctica

Providing information on why Cape Town is an ideal starting point for expeditions to Antarctica, the icy continent at the South Pole. Additionally, the magazine covers a wide array of other captivating subjects.

Aldermen James Vos, Cape Town’s mayoral committee member for Economic Growth said: “The idea with the publication is to inspire people with authentic, unique, valuable stories that reveal the people, places and products of Cape Town.”

This glossy magazine will be available both in print and online, twice a year.

Vos was excited to share the news that this magazine will be displayed and available on Kenya Airways' international flights to 40 destinations worldwide.

“The airline’s pilots will also make mention of the publication in their announcements. This comes after the city-to-city agreement Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis and I signed with the Nairobi government during our trade mission a few months ago,” Vos added.

Additionally, travellers who pass through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi can enjoy the magazine in the lounge area.

Aldermen James Vos, Mymona Gamiet Customer Success Associate and Themba Zwane, Station Manager. Picture: Supplied

Because the magazine will be accessible to travellers from various parts of the world, this exposure can introduce Cape Town to a diverse and global audience, potentially attracting more tourists and investors.

Travellers reading the magazine during their flights may be inspired to visit the best city in the world, Cape Town, leading to an increase in tourism. This can have economic benefits for the city and its businesses.

According to Vos they plan to execute targeted social media campaigns and distribute copies at prominent international events like World Travel Market (WTM) London and WTM Africa.

“We are determined to make Cape Town peak all year round because, while my mission to create a tourism-related job in every household rests on the foundation of five key fields - namely aviation, cruise travel, events and conferences, SMME product development, and destination marketing.“

Readers can access the magazine online through a QR code or download it directly from