‘Tourons’ trolled for disregarding safety rules in iconic Yellowstone Park

Iconic Yellowstone Park in the USA. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Iconic Yellowstone Park in the USA. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Oct 25, 2023


In the latest episode of tourists behaving badly, a rather alarming trend has taken over, a trend that seems to glorify disrespecting both nature and sacred temples across the globe.

This time around it happened at Yellowstone National Park, where two tourists found themselves in hot water, with their reckless antics caught on camera.

It was the Instagram account ‘’Tourons of Yellowstone’’ (@touronsofyellowstone) that decided to showcase these misbehaving visitors for all to see. Tourans is an abbreviation for a tourist who acts like a moron.

They shared a TikTok video that showcased two individuals standing right on the Grand Prismatic Spring, one of the largest hot springs in the world and is known for its stunning, otherworldly appearance.

It features a deep blue centre surrounded by rings of vibrant colours, creating a visual feast.

However, instead of appreciating the beauty of the natural wonder, these two tourists appeared oblivious to the significance of their actions.

They were caught on video taking photos and loudly exclaiming, ‘’Idaho is beautiful.’’ Shame. They were really so in awe of the place that they had to dip their toes in the water.

“😳 Tourons walking on Grand Prismatic again‼️ Stay ON the dang boardwalks people‼️”

These ‘’tourons’’ hilariously missed the memo on their whereabouts. In their video, they confidently shouted out that they were in Idaho, when they were actually in Wyoming.

What’s an adventure without knowing where you are, right? Viewers were infuriated by their actions and didn’t have the slightest remorse for these “bozos”.

One viewer wrote: “This infuriates me. I hope the rangers were able to get these bozos. So disrespectful.”

“This makes me furious! There has to be more severe consequences to make people stop doing this. I mean, the possibility of a horrific death apparently isn’t enough.”

Listen, besides this being sort of illegal, it’s also very dangerous, these “living on the edge” dudes could’ve died.

As one commented: “So dangerous! crust can be very thin in random places, they could fall through at any moment and burn and disintegrate, total gamble besides all of the other reasons not to walk on the delicate caldera crust☹️.”

According to the Yellowstone official site, beneath the thin crust of a caldera, there can be extremely hot and molten lava.

If someone were to break through the crust, they could be exposed to scorching temperatures, resulting in severe burns or even disintegration, as mentioned in the comment.

These to “tourans” can thank their lucky stars they’re still alive and unharmed.