Gun-toting gangsters shoot it out in Bo-Kaap

Violent fights between Bo-Kaap skollies over turf and drugs resulted in shots being fired over the weekend. Picture from video

Violent fights between Bo-Kaap skollies over turf and drugs resulted in shots being fired over the weekend. Picture from video

Published Feb 26, 2024


Cape Town - Bo-Kaap residents have raised concerns over the reputation of the area following a spate of violent crimes, the latest involving a group of gun-slinging youths running amok through Chiappini Street at the weekend.

In CCTV footage shared widely on social media, alleged gang members from Van Der Meulen Street – the Mongrels and Stoute Moters – are seen clashing with alleged gangsters from The Kraal informal settlement and the Hol Boys, aka the HBs.

The Mongrels and Stoute Moters were believed to be the resident gangs from the Bo-Kaap, while the HBs were alleged to be recruiting boys from the area.

The video footage, from three different angles, shows the Van Der Meulen Street members chasing after a group before firing four shots at them.

Ebrahiem Christian, chairperson of Bo-Kaap Neighbourhood Watch, said while law enforcement did not take any action by yesterday, tensions between the factions had been growing for some time.

“We have Cyclops cameras in the areas and all these happenings occur under these cameras.

“We have escalated this on numerous occasions to SAPS and law enforcement. With all these incidents we have very little visible policing in the area,” he said.

According to Christian, peace talks between the rivals took place a year ago, but the violence has since flared up again.

“We have a social problem in Bo-Kaap which is not being addressed.

“We need to look at how we as a community can fight this together, with the law enforcement agencies like SAPS and metro leading the way,” he said.

“When it was the festive season we had a huge number of metro police and law enforcement officers in the area to protect the tourists.

“That season is gone now and so are the officers as well.

“The City is more worried about tourism safety, which has no benefit to our community.”

In a statement, the Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers Association (BKCRA) expressed its concern over the persistent crime and violence in the neighbourhood.

“Over the past months, in fact years, reports of criminal activities and incidents of violence have heightened tensions among our residents.

“We understand the apprehension and fear that such events can evoke, but we must collectively remain calm and composed during these challenging times,” the BKCRA said.

Police spokesperson Malcolm Pojie said: “Be advised that no complaints or cases were reported to local police regarding the incident depicted in the videos which went viral.

“We are aware of ongoing conflict between rival gangs in the Bo-Kaap and as such have heightened visibility in the area as well as initiated profiling of people of interest.”

Police Oversight and Community Safety MEC Reagen Allen urged residents to report the crimes to the police.

“As our aim should be to prevent a crime from happening, residents, once they become aware of criminal plans, should also inform any and all law enforcement agencies.

“As the Western Cape government, it is important to us that residents live in a safe and dignified manner, without being fearful for their lives,” he said.

Meanwhile, a resident, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said the incidents would impact on tourism to the Bo-Kaap, because tour guides may be reluctant to visit as they or their clients may be caught in gang crossfire.

“Daily CTS (security company) foot patrols and police presence were a major crime deterrent, even with regard to gang-related incidents.

“Now that there isn’t a consistent presence, tourists and even residents are being targeted daily,” the man said.

He said in the absence of CTS there has been an immediate and drastic increase in crime and gang warfare in the Bo-Kaap.

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