Mantsoe Pout on her chapter back at 947: 'It feels like a new start'

Mantsoe Pout has rejoined the radio station after leaving in 2021 as part of changes to the drive show. Picture: Instagram/mantsoepout

Mantsoe Pout has rejoined the radio station after leaving in 2021 as part of changes to the drive show. Picture: Instagram/mantsoepout

Published Oct 18, 2023


This October, seasoned radio broadcaster Mantsoe Tsatsi, also known as Pout, returned “home” to radio station 947.

Pout returns to the station as the host of 947’s Weekend Breakfast Show, following Hulisani Ravele’s departure as she embarks on her sabbatical from the airwaves and TV screens.

Mantsoe left 947 in 2021 as part of changes to the drive show, following DJ Fresh’s axing.

Since her last dance at the station was cut short prematurely, deciding to come back when the station reached out was an easy one.

Pout acknowledges that even though she’s coming into a familiar space, it “feels like a new start”.

“I have grown so much from the last time I was here,” she told IOL Entertainment.

“This is a new beginning to navigate my career in the direction I've always wanted to go into and to feel supported by my managers and the team at 947 feels amazing!”

The weekend slot has become synonymous with Pout’s radio history, but when it comes to radio, it isn't about the slots for her but the delivery whenever you're called up.

“To be doing a weekend breakfast show at 947 is huge. The likes of Alex Jay (her forever favourite) carried what the essence of a weekend breakfast show is and to carry that on from the incomparable Ravele is only a pleasure.”

Pout’s recipe for a great show lies within her unique personality and energy.

“I don't take life too seriously, I always want everyone around me to have a good time and I love my listeners.”

Radio is forever changing, with presenters coming and going. Pout acknowledges the feat that comes with being around for a decade but for her still being sought after so long is the real validation.

Pout has grown so much since the little girl from Naledi, Soweto, walked into UJFM in 2008 as she has now become a force in the industry.

“I have given myself grace in the past couple of years because I have done my best and even at times when things didn't go according to my plan, I knew that I always had another chance.

“There's always another chance, we just need to get up and try again. I live by these words: everything works out as it should. They have helped me accept when things don't go my way and work harder for other things.”

During her time away from 947, Pout joined Star FM for eight months and went on to Metro FM as a co-host of the weekend breakfast show with Nthabeleng Matela.

While her time at Metro was short, it was fruitful, having hosted three different shows - a pacy, fun weekend breakfast show, a talk show weeknights and a weekend midnight show; stretching and challenging her as a broadcaster.

“I don't know a lot of people that can say they walked through the Metro FM doors and did that in less than two years. It's a chapter in my book that is full of lessons about self and how far I can go if I wanted to.”

Two of Pout’s shows have received nominations at this year's Radio Awards; Weekend Breakfast Sounds Good for Best Weekend and Let’s Talk About It for Best Night time show.

“That speaks to how hard my producers and I worked on those shows. Although it felt like it was time for me to bid Metro FM farewell, it's not over. It holds a very special place in my heart.”

Pout is elated over the nominations, her first nomination at a national level. She only has positive words regarding her producers at Metro FM, Kutlwano Taukobong and Bohlokwa Matlosa.

“I love working with women and these two are genuinely the best at what they do.

“It feels good to be nominated again but I'm hoping for the best. But for my career, it's validating cause it is my first time nominated alone (for the weeknight show).

“That was always my fear, doing radio alone, so to get a nod from industry experts to say I'm doing good on my own is the most validating nod I have ever gotten.”

Outside of her radio career, Pout has entered the exciting world of podcasting with ‘Moments with Mantsoe’, which is steadily growing as she captivates audiences with her open discussions with some of South Africa's most popular figures.

“Radio is great but when you're a conversationalist like myself, you want more,” Pout explained about her choice to venture into podcasting.

“I felt like I needed more and I was insecure about the direction. radio was taking me in so I decided to start a production company and my podcast, ‘Moments with Mantsoe’, is our first production.”

Her fans got a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes of launching the podcast on her good friend Thando Thabethe’s reality show ‘Unstoppable Thabooty’. Pout produces the show with seasoned radio producer Given Baloyi.

“I am enjoying every moment of this journey but I have been so lucky to also have industry colleagues that have reached out and want the podcast to succeed. Running your own thing is very hard but it's also the most rewarding work I've done.”

On the podcast Pout has had celebrity guest appearances from Shekhinah, Yanga Chief, Manaka Ranaka, and Dineo Langa to mention a few, offering them a safe space to share their stories.

“I hope that the platform remains a safe space for people to open up. Enough bad vibes, we want people to leave feeling good about themselves and less anxious about how they're perceived.”

Be sure to catch Pout on the 947 Weekend Breakfast Show every Saturday and Sunday and look for new episodes of her podcast ‘Moments with Mantsoe’ on her social media platforms.