As the Barbie craze surges, Burger King leaves fans red-faced over its hot pink combo meal

The latest partnership brings Barbie into the world of fast food. Picture: INSTAGRAM

The latest partnership brings Barbie into the world of fast food. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Jul 20, 2023


In the run-up to the blockbuster’s July 21 release, consumers have been inundated by “Barbie” merch ranging from dog toys to roller skates.

The latest partnership brings Barbie into the world of fast food.

Burger King Brazil took to Instagram their Barbie-themed meal. The BK Barbie Combo features a cheeseburger topped with bacon bits and dressed with a bright pink sauce - of course - with a “smokey” flavour. Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about pink sauce.

To quench the thirst. BK will add a pink vanilla milkshake with a strawberry powder. Once the straw is put into the dessert, Burger King tops it off with a pink frosted doughnut.

As a bonus, they also serve plain fries called “Ken’s potatoes”, in reference to Barbie’s companion, Ken, from the movie.

Burger King has been promoting this limited-time combo on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, where their posts have been viewed by millions of people.

This isn’t the first time Burger King has partnered with a movie for a special meal. Just last month, they had a red-bunned Whopper for the movie, “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.”

However, the meal has left consumers unimpressed, as they had higher expectations.

“It was terrible. We had it yesterday, or rather, my daughter did because the staff didn’t register my order properly, and I decided not to take it after seeing that nothing was exceptional.

“They didn’t even include the sauce for the fries, which should have been part of the orders. The plain bun instead of the coloured one was a let down, considering the public’s expectations,’’ wrote one.

While another also shared their disappointment: “It’s all a deception. I ordered through iFood today, and honestly, I was cheated. They didn’t include the Barbie packaging or the Ken packaging for the fries, and the sandwich didn’t resemble the one in the commercial.

“Pure false advertising, trying to sell something at a higher price and delivering an inferior product...’’

“Promised everything and delivered nothing! Where is the pink bread? Or a toast ? Help me BK, you can do better!’’

Yikes, I don’t think Barbie and Ken will be pleased to hear this. However, despite that, there are still some die-hard fans out there.

If you happen to be one of them and are really excited to try the Barbie-themed meal, your best option is to head over to São Paulo, Brazil. As of now, that’s the only place where you can get your hands on this special combo.

Burger King has not provided any information regarding whether the meal will be available in other locations or if there are any future plans for its expansion.