Lady Zamar releases ‘Rainbow’, her first album in five years

Lady Zamar has released a new album for the first time in five years. Picture: Supplied.

Lady Zamar has released a new album for the first time in five years. Picture: Supplied.

Published Apr 19, 2024


Lady Zamar’s highly anticipated new album has been released after her five-year musical hiatus.

Rainbow” is the renowned singer and songwriter’s third solo album, following 2019’s “Monarch”, which went on to reach high levels of success.

“After a five-year hiatus, the award-winning singer is excited to treat her fans to a new chapter in her musical narrative as she explores new heights in her capabilities as a singer and songwriter,”’ a statement read.

It added that in keeping with its title, “Rainbow”, “exudes a delightful sense of playfulness, skilfully expressed through each track’s delivery.”

“Infused with heartfelt lyrics and a vibrant array of melodies, the album showcases a kaleidoscope of musical creativity.”

Some of the themes explored in “Rainbow” include love, empowerment and resilience.

This is evident with “Work for It”, an empowering anthem on the album which was released last month. The song aims to inspire her fans to persevere through hardships and celebrate their wins.

In a previous statement, the Tembisa-born artist, whose real name is Yamikani Janet Banda, explained: “‘Work For It’ is really about, you know the girl who carries the Burberry, Louis Vuitton bags, dressed to the nines, those kinds of girls.”

“The ones who want the money, the material, it’s really simple, but the message is you’ve got to ‘Work For It’.”

Other hits on “Rainbow” include songs which have already been released such as “Colours” and “Deeper”, which features Megadrumz.

The album’s title track, “Party in Heaven”, is a vibrant and melodic dance song which features the sound of a light log drum.

As “Rainbow” showcases Zamar’s signature style, she also explores new sonic territories for her latest musical offerings which include an array of genres, from house, dance, pop and amapiano.

“Lady Zamar’s creative genius is the ability to seamlessly navigate through diverse genres in a single album, which lends her a wider audience and ‘Rainbow’ is nothing short of this,” the statement added.

“Her fans will also be treated to a nostalgic version of Lady Zamar as she dips into some amapiano sounds within the album, a sound that she is no stranger to as this is the genre that cemented her as a strong vocalist and talented artist during the early days of her career.”

Meanwhile, “Rainbow’s” release comes after the award-winning musician underwent a period of growth, both personally and creatively.

She has had to overcome several challenges in order to bring her latest offerings to life, including multiple vocal surgeries and starting again from scratch midway through the musical process.

Zamar also worked with an eclectic mix of musical influences for the album, including acclaimed songwriters like Boskasie.

“There is no doubt that Lady Zamar has crafted an album that is both timeless and contemporary, showcasing her versatility as an artist.”