Yhuu ha.a! Behind the scenes at the chaotic ‘Roast of Minnie Dlamini’

Minnie Dlamini at the Laugh Africa Comedy Festival ahead of her being roasted. Picture: Oluthando Keteyi/IOL

Minnie Dlamini at the Laugh Africa Comedy Festival ahead of her being roasted. Picture: Oluthando Keteyi/IOL

Published Apr 7, 2024


The recording of ‘The Showmax Roast of Minnie Dlamini’ took place on Friday at the highly anticipated Laugh Africa Comedy Festival, and oh what a royal comedic and organisational mess it was.

After a month of waiting, the big night arrived and Mzansi celebrities filled up the Sandton Convention Centre, but ‘The Roast of Minnie Dlamini’ was hours behind schedule by several hours, only beginning at 10pm.

Attendees, who included the rich and famous such as Luthando ‘LootLove’ Shosha, Faith Nketsi, Ntando Duma, Zizo Tshwete and others, soldiered on for the main event, which had them out and about on a Friday night in autumn.

There is something about these roast recordings that makes them drag on into the wee hours of the night - even the ‘Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau’ dragged on into the next day.

At the Roast Master helm were comedy heavyweights Tumi Morake and Jason Goliath and they couldn't escape being the butt of the joke - from Morake’s endless pregnancies and Goliath’s fat and cheapskate jokes.

The panellists, Trevor Gumbi, Shahan Ramkissoon, Celeste Ntuli, Lasizwe Dambuza, Penny Lebyane, Da L.E.S, Siv Ngesi and Robert Marawa - were roasted to the core about their career failures and public gaffes.

Some of the jokes made were borderline cringe especially all the Da L.E.S and his all white parties and the comparison to embattled US rapper P. Diddy.

Trevor Gumbi’s drug past and diabetic condition were constantly brought up and of course, his ex-wife Lucille's recent fairytale wedding was rubbed in his face at every turn. Ouch!

It was no surprise that Gumbi went completely off-script when it was his turn to roast the panellists.

Ramkissoon was roasted for his hair, his gin Lenyora, his journalistic skills and for being the diversity card on the panel.

Dambuza’s career which was birthed from the dusty digital streets of YouTube came under attack, but he came prepared to teach the panellists a thing or two.

And yes, Marawa’s heart was still beating by the end of the night despite all it has put him through with the help of his dating history, with the likes of you know who.

The Roast writers were armed with plenty of ammunition for each panellist from Ntuli’s masculinity, but pity no one cared to fact-check Dlamini’s clapback to Ntuli that referenced her ‘Isibaya’ character.

Ngesi’s award-winning career, his sexuality and his love for all races was also the butt of all jokes, while Lebyane’s long career in the industry came under attack, but she proved she’s no former it girl for nothing and held it down.

The lady of the hour - Minnie Dlamini held her own and delivered a performance that showed that she knew what she was doing when she agreed to sit on the hot seat.

It wouldn’t be a Goliwood event if there wasn't any chaos and this comedy festival was not without. Poor celebrities had to stand in a corner with bad lighting that was dubbed the “red carpet”.

Adding to the confusion, there was an open floor comedy session that was hosted in the passageways by Robot Boii.

But alas away from the amateur stand-up comedy, the VIP lounge areas were a loud cry for help, once again the rich and famous of the City of Gold were subjected to looking random and lost in a room.

Mzansi celebrities sure do love a night out, who would have thought one would see reality TV star Faith Nketsi, actress Ntando Duma and even presenter Zizo Tshwete out in one room?

Nketsi told IOL Entertainment that it was the first time she had been out for a comedy night. She wasn’t alone, Duma also stepped into new territory, but she loves a good laugh so was all for the action.

Considering how during the build-up to the Laugh Africa Comedy Festival, organisers seemed like they had everything organised to the T - but oh the delays.

The ladies night show headlined by Celeste Ntuli, Mel Jones, Nonto R and Chantel Jaxx was delayed - nothing new there.

One would think comedians are on time, but it’s clear that’s a joke to them.

Jaxx was a fresh breath of fresh air, away from the sex, orgasms and vagina jokes, call me a prude but there are only so many coochie jokes one can take.

Well of course, Jaxx couldn't shy away from the lesbian jokes but she managed to set herself apart from Nonto R’s marital sex life and Jones’ 50-year-old cougar escapades.

The Roast of Minnie Dlamini will air on Showmax on April 26.

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