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Sounds of exiled legends live on at #NAF18

Education comes in many forms. One of them is through watching a tribute “Orkestra” made up of stunningly talented musicians, involved in the business of preserving knowledge and material.

3 July 2018 | What's On

Awesome things to do in Cape Town in Winter

There is no shortage of things to do in and around Cape Town. From cool eateries that line the streets, many offering magnificent views, to drinking holes that offer both local and international beverages suitable for pretty much any occasions.

29 June 2018 | Travel

#NAF2018: Festival fever grips Grahamstown

Grahamstown has been a hive of activity for weeks with residents, workmen and National Arts Festival employees toiling tirelessly to ready this Eastern Cape city for its popular annual Arts Festival.

29 June 2018 | What's On

Sechaba G joins 'Motswako'

Radio personality, seasoned MC and voice-over artist Sechaba G joins 'Motswako' as the new presenter for the show’s 19th season.

18 May 2018 | Local